We are engineers at heart, who see the bigger picture.

Competence and farsightedness

Years of experience in bringing various very different products to market give us the certainty to be the right technical partner. We communicate openly and share our experience with our clients.

Passion and commitment

We have worked in this field for quite some time now and we still love to bring products to live. Once we commit to a project, we are 100% in and like to be a part of our client’s teams.

Integrity and honesty

Independence is crucial to be able to choose the best solutions and partners for your product. We want to be paid for know-how and creativity only – we never take cuts and always share our contacts.

Patrick Diem
Patrick DiemCEO and senior developer
With over four years of experience in working with young innovative companies and building products from the first idea to market launch, Patrick serves clients with a very broad knowledge of the threats and opportunities of developing something new.
Jakob Glazer
Jakob GlazerDeveloper and key account manager
Jakob works closely with our clients to find solutions that really suit their clients. He is a passionate engineer and communicator.
Sebastian Babos
Sebastian BabosExternal prototyper
With over 10 years of experience in prototyping and sculpturing, Sebastian is very inventive and quick when it comes to testing assumptions. He has a strong affinity for design and aesthetics.