User focused design

We know how to develop valuable products that people will love. Together we focus strongly on your customers and their needs and take the product to serial readiness.

Independent engineering

Our engineering and design is aimed at delivering the relevant functionality at target costs without being tied to a production partner, a material or a technology. Our experience and creativity will save you a lot of money in the later stages.



We prototype to test basic functionality, look and feel, architecture as well as detailed solutions towards the end of the development. In all cases it is vital to have results quickly and cost-efficiently.

Cost efficient

We work together closely with our clients to get a common understanding of what exactly needs to be tested. We then propose a prototyping solution, knowing what is possible at what cost. This approach combined with our inhouse tools makes our prototyping substantially cheaper and quicker.


Creative technical solutions

Together with patent attorneys we will find ways of realizing the product you want without infringing on other patents. Through our deep technical understanding we help to find solutions that will give you a clear advantage with regards to IP.



We tell you what exactly your product needs to be tested for and take that into consideration during development. We know the usual costs and timelines for different tests and have the right contacts to certify your product as quickly and diligently as possible.


Meeting timelines

Through very diligent communication and planning we assure that you will be able to meet your timeline and costs. Our workshop drawings and checklists will leave no room for interpretation and avoid misunderstandings and delays.

Connected to producers

Our network of production partners helps us to select the right producers who meet your requirements regarding quality, time and price. This way we can assure the expected quality and avoid unpleasant surprises.