Playbrush makes preventive dental care smart, fun and accessible

The Playbrush technology encourages positive dental care habits through interactivity, excitement and the information they relay back to brushers. They are dental care’s answer to an encouraging and trustworthy helper, providing advice and motivation to brushers of all ages. We have accompanied Playbrush from the start and managed many things related to hardware – from design to certification to quality management.

Ponix Systems

Herbert from Ponix Systems is a vertical garden for your home.

The patented hydroponic system facilitates to harvest vegetables, herbs and many more. Everyone can be an urban farmer with this hydroponic solution – you neither need a balcony nor water to grow your vertical farm at home. We worked and still work as part of a very driven and technical team and faced all the challenges together – from first usability testing, to handling and organizing the production of an assembly of over 200 different pieces.

Pezz life

Health check for Dogs

The PEZZ CHECK is an all-in-one urine test for dogs with a home analysis app.

Together with PEZZ we have designed and tested this product so that anyone can perform a urine test like a trained professional. The integrated urine test strip measures 7 parameters and indicates a range of infections, chronic diseases and other potential health risks.


Crewbands is a smart, affordable person overboard (POB)-solution

The watertight wearable is able to detect any POB-incident. It features a smart water sensor and does not need charging, thanks to its solar cell. The challenge was to realize a small and practical design, that is robust enough for rough weather action and survives snorkelling to 10m of depth.